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Baby Boom is a very original fast-paced game for all ages
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Baby Boom is a very original fast-paced game, in which babies are getting ready for sale with machines, and users have to work fast to be the best employee creating the highest number of babies. The game includes three different game modes: story, manic and free play, but the trial version of the game allows you to play one one of them. It features great graphics, sound effects and suitable music. The babies will continuously come in the lines and you have to press the different buttons to release the babies from the machines when they are ready. If you don't do it in time, you will instantly lose that baby. First, users will have a short training with three machines, but the real game includes up to seven different machines simultaneously. It also includes a number of power-ups, bonuses, warning and hidden bonuses, which make the game even more attractive. There are also presents that should be cleared from the line to score extra points. The game is really enjoyable and addictive, but it's definitely not relaxing one. All the games can be saved so users can continue them any time they want. All in all, I really suggest trying Baby Boom, because I'm sure it won't disappoint you.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Easy to play
  • Great graphics and sound effects
  • Multiple scenarios and different machines
  • Enjoyable and addictive


  • Fast-paced
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